Return of the Surf Guitar

“Return Of The Surf Guitar” sounds like it might be a merger of the Atlantics’ style, west coast surf’s arrangements, and the flair of the Baltic surfbands. Infectious, rhythmic, and rich in changes and aural quality.

Excellent!. 5 stars.

Phil Dirt,

Track Listing

1. 1963
2. Surf’s Up
3. Reverb Beach
4. Under the Hood
5. Return of the Surf Guitar
6. Surfabilly
7. Freakout
8. Point Danger
9. The Worm
10. Black Jaguar
11. Flight of the Surf Guitar
12. Queen Kahuna
13. Cronulla Point
14. Surfride
15. Riff A Go Go
16. Mermaid Beach[/column-third-3]